Five Swing Tips to Play Better Golf

For a consistent golf game, techniques like proper swing fundamentals and short game are an important part. Good golf always depends largely on strategy. Luckily there are many strategies that anyone can utilize them very easy to produce lower scores. Next time when you step to the course keep few swing tips in your mind to achieve more consistent results. These swing tips cover the area of tension-free mechanics, tempo, and rhythm, shot and target selection, score saving and mental toughness decision making. Below are top five swings tips listed that will surely help you to reach the goal.

Great Swing Tips to Follow

Here are some great swing tips that would really help you improve your game.

Use your body for power:

It’s an understood thing by a golfer that power comes from the body, not from the arms. To play in a good position place the club behind the ball at address point with the body in dead stop position and power the club with your body instead of your arms. Try to drag the ball without taking the backswing. For the beginner it is difficult to control the club by the body, everyone uses to control it using hands. When you gain the control over it you will find you’re your ball in the air more consistent. This swing tip helps you a lot to turn fully through the ball on the downswing.

Keeps hands low:

The height of the shot is effectively reduced when you limit the height of the follow through. Ball flight will be lower when your hands are lower. Other ways to accomplish the same thing are choosing the stronger club or moving the ball in a posture.

Make level of your spine and forearm:

To guarantee solid ball striking and increased accuracy make sure that you are on the plane at top of the swing. Make your spine and right forearm parallel and make a tight triangle using left wrist, fatting it with elbow and arms. This is one the most helpful swing tips you to make perfect posture for the backswing.

Play golf:

Make sure that you are playing golf not the golf swing. This is one of the common mistakes that are done by the golfers that they focus too much on the mechanics. When a golfer is wrapped in swing fundamentals on the way he is not playing or enjoying the golf he is just playing the golf swing. Among other swing tips, you need not to indulge in what type of swing you are going to take. But to make sure that with every swing strategy to take you scores is lower.


The impact is very important while playing the golf. You can get your stacked position by making your head behind the ball and hips open and the forward arm leg and shaft stacked over the golf ball. There is a little misunderstanding to the unprofessional player that the impact position should resemble the setup position at address. In a correct impact, position transfers your weight to the forward foot. This transformation is a healthy swing tip for the player on the address to make a perfect shot.

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