Golden State Warriors Win Courtesy Stephen Curry’s Excellent Play

The final 3 seconds of the game became decisive for the win of Golden State Warriors. The game was approaching the end when Stephen Curry’s 3-pointer came to the rescue of his team. The 3-pointer has sealed the victory for Stephen Curry’s team, with game score tallying at 125-122.

Magnificent Performance of Golden State Warrior’s Stephen Curry

Stephen Curry did what his is best known for, a match-winning performance. He finished with his contribution of 32 points. The “Big Four” of Golden State Warriors would have 100 points in between them. The Warriors had to perform extraordinarily to get a win against Mavericks. Therefore, each of the “Big Four” contributed towards this epic win.

A Team Performance by Golden State Warriors

Golden State Warriors’ body language was aggressive from the start. Besides the big performance from Stephen Curry, the team saw a great show from Kevin Durant (25 points), Klay Thompson (25 points), and Draymond Green (18 points), thanks to the 10 rebounds.

Great Competition from Mavericks

We know Mavericks do not give up easily. The Mavericks team’s charge was led by Wesley Mathews scoring 22 points, with 7 3-pointers. Similarly, Dwight Powell gave his career best of 21 points. Furthermore, we must respect the way Mavericks did a great comeback, covering a massive deficit of 12 points. They once did tie the score at 120 with Harrison Barnes’ jumper. The last 12 seconds saw a massive battle for the possession till the last minute 3-pointer by Stephen Curry. He first took an inbounds pass but could not convert it, hitting the net.

Psychological Edge of Golden Warriors

When one team starts dominating the other one, it takes a lot of effort to over that fear of losing. We must appreciate the way Mavericks have fought. The comeback in the game was great and showed their true character. In the past, we have seen Mavericks competing neck and neck with some of the best NBA teams in the league. They also have a great record of 13-26 wins.

Mavericks have lost to Golden Warriors in the past two meetings as well. Therefore, when it comes to mental domination, Warriors have the edge. The layup by Patrick McCaw did slightly edge the Warriors over Mavericks. This layup provided to be too difficult to overcome the deficit. The idea of building a lead and maintaining pressure is working out well for the Warriors.

A Winning Streak

Golden State Warriors have won 8 games without losing a game since before Thanksgiving.
Team Tip-Ins and Upcoming Challenge

Despite the win, the Warriors did not have Omri Casspi and Andre Iguodala with them. Casspi missed the game due to injury during shootaround. However, fans don’t need to worry as the coach expects him to play to play at Houston on Thursday.

Nerlens Noel, who plays for the Mavericks had his cast removed because of the left thumb injury. He is clearly struggling with his form, only scoring 72 points during the last 18 games.

Both the teams had a close contest showing their true class. Warriors will be at Houston while Mavericks would host Chicago. Mavericks enjoy the mental edge as they have won four straight games against the Bulls.

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